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2017 Submissions

Future dystopia Hip Hop - Modern Song
Doing some cult shit Experimental Loop
Hi-fi laser beam New Wave Song
Groovy-v1.0 House Song
World Control Dance Song
Womp womp Techno Song
Electric Sexual Techno Song
The madness Techno Song
I'm hip Techno Song
Hardcore NRG Techno Song
MDMazing Dance Song
Dirty Thumper Techno Song
Give it to me hard Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Scream for daddy Trance Song
Digital Stimulation Trance Song
The future is now Techno Song
Toast n' Jam Techno Song
You're gonna wake grandma Techno Song

2012 Submissions

Acid Distort Techno Song
Its a Gundam! Dance Song
It's a Gundam! Dance Song
LUNΔR #9 Ambient Song
Fetal Noise Symphony Techno Song
Abduction Techno Song
Into the Dark Void Techno Song
ThePowerOfTheDarkWorlock Techno Song
CyberNRG Trance Song
RoboticSeduction Trance Song
Android beat Techno Song
Plague in the dark Techno Song
Atari 2303 Techno Song
Acid Fantasy Techno Song
Subsonic Plague Techno Song
Epileptic NRG Techno Song
Wrath of the BionicWizard Techno Song
Sex Drug Techno Song
SubatomicSoundwaves Techno Song
The Magic Beans Get Me High Techno Song
Cybergasm Techno Song
Synthetic NRG Trance Song
And so it begins.. Techno Song
Crank up Ze 303 v2.0 Techno Song
Crank Up The 303 Techno Song
Magical Weasels in the Closet Techno Song
WretchedRhythm Techno Song
Bionic Wizard Techno Song
Black And White Murderer Techno Song
ElectricLobotomy House Loop
Studded enema Trance Loop
Trancendental Bliss Trance Loop
U-Forix Dance Loop
Ze FXtacy of Ze Extacy Techno Song
Swanky beta Techno Song
303 snooter Techno Song
Mandatory Intoxication Techno Song
EpilepticRave Dance Song
Der Fuhrer Techno Song
Narcotic Abortion Trance Song
Ketamine Jungle Drum N Bass Loop
Das Trance Trance Song
Temporary insanity Trance Song
Dark Trance at 2AM Trance Loop
Foaming Discharge Dubstep Loop
Through the Nebulous Abyss Techno Song
VaginalCheesecake Techno Song
Cyber Boner Trance Song
I had sex with a bee Industrial Loop
Crotch rot Dance Song
Chauvinistic AssPirate Dance Song
Necrophiliac Asspirate Dance Song
Discharge Beta. Dance Song
Sodomized Halfling Dance Song
Sweet Herpes House Song
HIV+ Dance Song
XAmphetamine Dance Song
2D Necrophillia Dance Song
2D Necrophiliac Dance Song
Robogasm 2.0 House Song
Electric Shit Weasel House Loop
Le Cyber Warfare Dance Song
Technicolor Vibe Dance Song
Gypsy Seduction Dance Song
^w^ Dance Loop
Subsonic Lemonade Dance Song
Roflbot Dance Loop
Nigs shootin' shit Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Uforik Genocide Dance Song
Podling essence snooter Dance Loop
Has yet to be named Dance Song
Untitled for now Dance Song
Continue? >> Dance Loop
The shitter of bricks Dance Song
Marching Labyrinth On Drugs Dance Song
(*< Omnomnomnom Dance Loop
This is what love sounds like. Ambient Loop
Shitwind rave Dance Song
Le Nom Techno Loop
Enhanced SOund Dance Song
Le crank Ze music Techno Song
Romper stomper (Finished) Dance Song
Romper stomper Dance Song
Shall I continue? >.> Techno Loop
Hindu Overdose Techno Song
Keep or delete? House Song
^u^ Drum N Bass Loop
Deku Rave Techno Loop
Raving turban Techno Loop
Fappers on ice Techno Song
Raving herpes Techno Loop
Octorok sodomy Techno Song
Death by trance Trance Loop
8bit rappishness Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
1990's rave Dance Loop
Robots like acid Dance Song
Huffing windex Techno Loop
Electro extacy Techno Loop
Special Kay Dubstep Loop
o.e Techno Song
Electro-gasm House Song
Electro tester House Loop
Mr.Hitler Dubstep Loop